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I know I haven’t blogged in ages, but I have a good reason to come back.

I’ve been writing for children, and my agent sold Honeysmoke, my debut picture book about a little girl who discovers her color, to Imprint/Macmillan Children’s. Geneva Benton will illustrate, and publication is scheduled for Fall 2018.

I am beyond excited. First of all, the book draws its name from this blog, and it tells a story about identity that many parents and children don’t see on library and bookstore shelves. Yes, there have been some books about multiracial children and there will likely be a lot more. How the publishing industry will be able to catch up is another issue altogether. The U.S. Census reports the multiracial population has increased nearly 50 percent since 2000, making it the fastest growing group in the country.

Honeysmoke is for today’s multiracial children, those who do not fit neatly inside the boxes society has created for them. It’s also for all of the parents who came to the blog, year after to year, to read my posts about raising two biracial little girls. Simone and Nadia are tickled the story they’ve heard many times will become a book. It is my hope that my children and others will pass the book on to their children and their children’s children.

So, I am back, blogging occasionally about the process of bringing a picture book to life. There are so many people to thank, and I will celebrate all of them as I embark on the next leg of this journey. For now, I must thank my husband for not committing me as I rewrote the manuscript. To my girls, my muses, thanks for inspiring me. None of this would be possible without the love and support of writers, editors, and agents affiliated with SCBWI and Southern Breeze. Many pushed me when I didn’t want to be pushed. I said I wouldn’t give up, and I am glad I kept that promise. I am so grateful to my agent, Kevin O’Connor, who took a chance on me, and to Erin Stein, Imprint’s publisher, who is committed to helping authors make their mark and create books that leave an impression. I can’t wait to take all of you with me on this journey to publication.

Let’s do this!