first day of school

When we sent Simone and Nadia to school last August, we were so proud we had a second-grader and a kindergartener. Our girls were excited to meet new teachers and friends. Simone walked through the doors with confidence, and Nadia barged in right behind her. All was well with the world.

Then the torrent that is public school took over our lives.

There were the requests for money. Lots of money. Money for yearbooks and T-shirts and field trips.

There were the holidays and holiday parties. Perhaps fall should be renamed HallowThankChrist.

There were the illnesses. Common colds, two mild cases of the flu, and two tick bites.

There were the challenges. Spelling tests, vocabulary words, book reports, and timed math tests.

There were the boys. The bullies who hurled insults and those who bumped and pushed anything in their way.

There was the weather. There were late starts and early dismissals. There was even snow.

And what would public school be without fundraisers? We clipped Box Tops and ate dinner at family friendly restaurants so that a percentage of our bill would be donated to the school. We even took new cars for a spin in exchange for contributions.

Whew! When I look back on the school year, I see where all of the time went. We were busy. It will be nice to have evenings free of homework and class projects. Maybe will go to the beach, once or twice. We better enjoy this newfound time because, well, a new school year is just around the corner.