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What makes someone have racists thoughts even when they don’t want to have them? Toure, a columnist for Time, provides some answers. Check it out.

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  • Gini

    I just quickly read this article had have read Toure before and have liked other columns. However, as a white person, I have to say I think that this article was weak and only looked at racism from Toure an African-American’s perspective and not the term ‘racism’ as the headline implies. It infers, IMO that the only people who are racist are caucasians. There are MANY African-Americans who are racist or have racist thoughts about white people and about people of other races. I have witnessed it from both sides particularly being in an interractial relationship with a bi-racial child. Honestly, I have witnessed many black friends and family make what I would term racial/prejudical slurs of ppl w/in their own race. To me the words racist and prejudice are interchanged frequently and IMO are very different. IMO, all people are prejudice – positively and negatively. Positive ‘predjudice or pre-judging’ assuming all Asians are smart, all AA are good athletes — common ‘thoughts’. Negative predjudices abound as well obviously. We all prejudge people all the time rightfully and wrongfully. I don’t think all of us whatever race — are racist as I believe that means an inherent, distaste and unwaivering bias against a certain race that is consistent and clear which I think is far less common. The biggest ‘thing’ I find most people of all races are is: IGNORANT which comes usually from lack of exposure and can be changed with better communication and a willingness across race and culture to tackle tough subjects and learn from one another and sometimes agree…to disagree.

  • Taliba

    I thought Toure was thoughtful and to the point; as ususal. I don’t have a problem with him looking at racism from an African American perspective; he’s an African American man and that would be part of his world-view. He drew a lot of ire for discussing what a Caucasion woman (who had the guts) to say something to him about which she wishes she could change. I don’t even want to get into the biracial issue and how people see things because to do that I’d have to say: the multicultural issue. My father is biracial; one brother has a Philipino wife and half Philipino son; the other brother’s has a white wife, and I have 3 biracial neices from that; and my sister has a half mexican granddaughter. My fiance is Black and Native American; so what? To me, that’s what African American IS-a hodge-podge of many cultures. I

    ‘ve heard many ignorant statements from all sides, and for many reasons. The worst issue right now seems to be with my Philipino sister-in-law, who told me she has to constantly defend her marriage to a Black man because her homies believe Philipino women should “marry white” if they marry outside of their race at all. When they see my gorgeous nephew and handsome brother; and how well he loves and treats his wife, only then do they “get” it. What I am saying is Toure has a right to TALK about racism; it is alive and well in the US. By the way Black people who negate their own race and make slurs against other Blacks, are immersed in self-hate. It’s very easy not to love who you are if you’re Black and buy into all the crazy negativity you hear and see. I

  • Kate Smith

    Read the article and it’s pretty interesting to read something from other people’s perspective about racism. It’s nicer to hear from both side: the racist and the one who’s being discriminated.

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