technology in schools

Simone and Nadia have asked for an iPad that they are not getting. They play games, take pictures, and record video on their LeapFrog LeapPads. They can work a stylus like no one else I know. They request book apps like they are ice cream or something, and I’m sure they will get a few more apps now that a Kindle Fire is in the house.

We have a few technology rules. They cannot download anything. If they do, they have to tell us. (It has happened once or twice.) We use computers and games for learning and a little fun, but I can’t help but wonder if all this technology is too much of a good thing.

I am tickled to have the Kindle because I don’t have to lug magazines and books on the airplane anymore. Yay! Still, I don’t think I was excited as Simone and Nadia. When I told them it was on its way, they jumped up and down.

“Wait,” I said, “you don’t even know what a Kindle Fire is.”

“Yes, I do,” Simone said. “It’s a tablet.”

Well, she told me.

But how does she know? She couldn’t really explain. I suspect it’s because my girls (and their peers) can work any gadget. They seem to have the innate ability to check email, play music, or scroll through pictures on a smart phone. I promise we didn’t teach them.