Laura M writes: My mom brought this to my attention and I wondered what your thoughts
were. Kraft has a newish ad campaign for cereal bars. The ads show a
bar asking his parents if they thought about what life would be like
for him (being half granola/half milk) before they had him.
I feel like the ads are pretty boldly making fun of mixed race people.
Maybe I am over reacting?

Honeysmoke says:  I read about and watched videos promoting Mel the Milkbite after I read Laura’s note. I posted two of the videos I find offensive. Milkbite has some serious identity issues. It is confused about what it is and is in therapy. The tragic mulatto comes to mind. The campaign seems a little too serious for food promotion and isn’t funny. At the very least, it is insensitive. At the worst, it is racist.

Milkbite certainly isn’t the first advertising campaign to come under fire. Check out a list of the 25 worst most racist commercials.

What do you think?

5 thoughts to “Commercials and Race

  • b.

    Why oh why couldn’t’ the first commercial take the opposite tack…”Mom, Dad, I’m the most awesome ever because I get the best of both worlds!” These commercials were not a good idea.

  • Yazmin

    I had the same reaction when I saw the full version of the commercials where it’s talking to its parents and wondered if maybe I was just being too sensitive. However, when I saw it again tonight – the clipped version of it – I had the same reaction and had to check the internet to see if anyone else was feeling the same way. Clearly, I’m not overreacting.

  • Blanc2

    A lot of idiots out in the world. Sadly, many of them make decent livings in jobs like advertising.

  • Jonathan

    What bothered me was when the Milkbite says, “you didn’t think what life would be like for me” – as if he bore the stain of miscegenation! I think these commercials should be stopped immediately. I agree with previous commenters

  • CJ

    I saw the commercial for the first time tonight and was shocked it was even aired. The thought that it had to be screened and no one thought, “maybe this is insensitive” is disheartening. I immediately thought it was racist and think it should be removed.

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