As the nation mourns the killing of Trayvon Martin, here is a lesson in reality. The author addresses black boys, but I think any child, especially children of color, should hear what he says.

At the same time, I think it’s important to note that we, as parents, can’t protect our children from everything. Yes, we want to — and should — arm our children with every tool we have in our parenting arsenal. But even we can’t think up some of the scenarios that play out on the streets every day.

Now, at the very least, Trayvon Martin’s short life may not have ended in vain. His story and the resulting outcry could lead to a massive change in laws in this country. Still, as I write this, I can’t imagine the hurt his mother and father are having to endure.

2 thoughts to “For Children Of Color

  • Jen Marshall Duncan

    Oh… this made me cry. I’ve already had versions of this conversation with my son–before the first time he went in a grocery store by himself, and every time he embarks on a journey in the world solo. It is a sad reality that hurts to read, hurts to tell, and hurts to live. But we need to prepare our children for it; And all the while we need spread these stories, talk about it with other people, and hope that enough people do something to create a new reality…where parents of brown children don’t have to worry about senseless violence.

  • taliba

    This was soooo powerful; but Toure’ is that kind of writer. This answers the question I posed in your first post about Trayvon; and it’s even more important because it’s from the perspective of a Black male. Like the previous poster, this makes me sad, but It hink it’s that time in America. Our kids are not as safe or “Post Racial” as they believe and unfortunately we have to let them know so that they survive, even if it takes their innocence.

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