loose change

As I write this, Nadia is carrying around a fistful of change.

She has no plans for it. She just likes to carry it around. The other day I had to referee a battle between the girls. Nadia had given Simone 5 cents and she wanted the money back. Of course, Simone refused to give it back because Nadia gave the money to her. I avoided World War III by quickly finding two pennies and giving them to Nadia. Yes, we’re still working on what it means when you give an item to someone.

Simone has been asking a lot of questions about money. She is trying to wrap her mind around how debit cards and checks work. She sees me swipe my debit card or write a check to pay for items, but she isn’t sure how the store or utility gets the money from the bank. I’ve tried to explain, but I am not sure she gets it.

I’m thinking it’s time to open savings accounts for Simone and Nadia. Their grandparents like to give them money for birthdays and holidays and they should learn to appreciate it. They need to learn how to save money, use it for good, and spend it wisely.

How did you learn how to appreciate money?  How are you teaching your children to handle money?