Richard F. Cebull, a federal judge in Montana, recently sent a racist joke to a few of his friends because he disagrees with President Obama’s policies.

Here’s what I want to know: Why, in 2012, people don’t know if you send an email to your friends that eventually it could go around the world, complete with all of the coding to trace it back to its origination? Why, in 2012, people don’t know racism and bestiality when they read it? Why, in 2012, would a federal judge so disagree with someone’s policies that he would start talking about that person’s mother? Why, in 2012, would such a person charged with being impartial show just how partial he is?

Those are my four questions. What are yours?

2 thoughts to “Poor Judgment

  • Gini

    My question is why he hasn’t resigned? This is appalling.

  • Blanc2

    The rabid arm of the Republican party has enabled an atmosphere in which people feel these types of utterances are acceptable for polite company. It’s a tip of the iceberg thing. These occasional surfacings betray a far larger sub-rosa reservoir of racist thought.

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