I was sure someone had set us up. We were at an athletic event, minding our own business, when I suddenly recognized the woman on the jumbo screen emblazoned with the words Kiss Cam. My mind flashed with thoughts.

That’s me.

No, that’s us.

Hey, they want us to kiss.

I turned to Ken. Surely, he didn’t see what I saw. I would tell him all about the Kiss Cam, how more than 14,000 people were waiting for us to kiss. I looked to my right and met his puckered lips. I obliged, and the crowd roared.

In the mid-1990s, Ken and I visited the same athletic complex when we were dating, and a woman who sat in front of us kept turning around and staring at us. Who knows why she was so rude? I’ve always thought she was trying to figure out if we were together. We were, and we had fun watching her watch us.

The night Ken and I kissed in front of thousands (there were 62 people at our wedding) I sat in my seat more than a little embarrassed. I tried to make sense of what had just happened. It was exciting and scary at the same time. Someone had been watching us, figured out the obvious, and demanded that we show our love.

The skeptic in me concluded we had been the target of someone I know. I know a few people who operate the Kiss Cam. They had told me how difficult it is to find a willing couple, and I had told them I would be at the venue on that particular date. It had to be one of them, I was sure of it. All of them denied it, and I believe them.

No one had set us up. Society simply had changed from that day back in the mid-1990s to the day in January 2012 when thousands cheered our kiss.

Talk about coming full circle.

3 thoughts to “Kiss Cam

  • Tamika Jancewicz

    Beautiful story. I do see a shift in the way mixed couples are received 🙂

    And how cool is it that you got to be on the kiss cam! Awesome.

  • Blanc2

    That’s very sweet. I’ve been dating and loving interracially since the early 1980’s. It does feel like there is a shift in attitudes about this, but then I’ve moved to various parts of the country, which could explain part of it, plus I’m getting old and people’s opinions matter less and less to me. However, I do see, for example, in my kids’ school the children aren’t even particularly phased by families with two parents of the same gender. Mixed ethnicity/religion families are so commonplace most of the kids don’t even notice them.

  • Julie

    Awww I love it! 2 cute 🙂

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