There is a wealth of comedic talent exploding on the Internet, and a few have been bold enough to talk about natural hair. For those not in the know, we naturals don’t think there is anything funny about being natural. Being natural is serious stuff. But two videos sporting the title @#$% Natural Girls Say are hilarious. They are parodies of videos with similar titles, some of which have been labeled as sexist and racist.

Unlike the other videos, I see a little bit of myself in the natural hair parodies. In this one, I like how the writer/performer talks about simple hair regimens that are far from simple. First of all, if you have to call something a hair regimen, it is going to be, in a word, complicated.

The writer also makes fun of the acronyms and abbreviations naturals have created. When naturals talk about hair, non-naturals have no idea what we are saying. For example, I had to BC (Big Chop) because my SSKs (Single Strand Knots) were out of control. I guess I didn’t PS (Protective Style) enough. Do you think an ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse would have helped?

In this one, I promise the writer/performer stole the line about not sleeping on cotton pillowcases directly from this site. While away on vacation, I couldn’t find my hair bonnet. What did I do? I made one out of a pair of my child’s satiny pajama bottoms. Yes, I wore pajama bottoms on my head so that my hair wouldn’t touch a cotton pillowcase. I called it an unusual hair tip; others might call it something else entirely.

Do you see a little of yourself in these videos? Do share.

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  • Keya

    I think these are so hilarious.

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