Nadia loves to dance. If music is playing, she’s dancing. In her car seat. At the mall. In front of a mirror. Any mirror.

One day she says she wants to take lessons, and I say, “Sure, why not?” Turns out there are a lot of reasons a parent should not enroll her children in dance. The main reason: Dance costs a billion dollars. True story.

The monthly fee isn’t all that bad, but there are tons of hidden costs. I knew there would be a recital.  I would need to buy costumes, but I didn’t plan on wardrobe changes. Simone and Nadia will wear two costumes, one for ballet and the other for jazz. These aren’t Halloween costumes; these are costumes for a Broadway production.

Did I mention that we have to pay to see our girls perform? Yes, we have fork over $8 a person to attend the recital. I figured that wasn’t too bad. I mean, the dance studio has to rent the performance site, and it’s not like total strangers are going to come see our girls perform.

Just a few days ago, I got a note about a recital fee. I did a little math and came up with a huge number for the recital fee just for Simone and Nadia’s class. There are 50 more classes. That’s not a typo. Something tells me that fee is not for rent. Something tells me this recital will be like a Broadway production. The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater comes to mind.

So, I’m a little timid about opening my email. I fear one day I will learn about the hair and makeup fee. There may even be a spa fee, a mani-pedi fee, and a massage fee. My goodness.

Dance class is wonderful. Simone and Nadia look forward to it each week. It teaches discipline and is an excellent form of exercise. That said, I’ll be looking for a class in the fall that is a little less intense, has fewer wardrobe changes, and requires less capital.


4 thoughts to “A Rant About Dance

  • Tanya B.

    You know, I had costume changes, too, when I was in dance class, because I took tap, jazz and ballet. That was fun, though, running backstage and making the switch and then getting all lined up to go back on stage. One year my group was the opening act and the closing act. Oh the memories. Plus I got to wear makeup. And my whole family would come to my recitals — I was a star-uhz! LOL

    What’s always interesting to me is I do not remember on person from those classes and I took them for YEARS. I was in the 10th grade when I stopped. I just remember the performances.

    • Tanya B.

      Oops. That’s ONE person…I do not remember ONE person from those classes.

  • Blanc2

    Welcome to parenthood. This is just the start. Every extracurricular activity these days is fee based, including all extracurriculars at school. If you’re lucky, they’ll choose soccer, where all you pay for is the coach, some field rental, and personal gear (shin pads, cleats, uniforms). Around here, many people have kids who are active in hockey. A hockey parent can expect to spend something like $7,500 annually to support a kid who is even modestly involved in hockey. The ice time is expensive, the gear is super expensive, and coaching is expensive.

    • Honeysmoke

      Thanks for the tip. No hockey.

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