Oh, yes, yes, yes!

Simone, opening a gift she asked for several times this year.

Squinkies, Squinkies, Squinkies!

Nadia, opening the only gift she asked for.

I see a lot of purple.

Nadia, pointing out that many of her gifts arrived in her favorite color.

Hey, guess what I got? An ice cream maker!

Nadia, opening a surprise gift.

We got the same thing!

Simone, amazed that she and her sister received a lot of the same gifts.

Nadia: Who is this for?

Simone: That’s for you.

Nadia: Okay, I got it.

Simone and Nadia, having an orderly and very business-like conversation under the Christmas tree.

Look! The stockings are stuffed.

Simone, surveying Santa Mommy’s work.

Yay! A Tink puzzle!

Nadia, opening a puzzle featuring her favorite fairy.


Ringo, our Yorkie, playing with one of his new Christmas toys.

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