Curlies everywhere have ditched shampoo. They report that they have more defined curls and moisturized hair. I’ve co-washed, also known as washing with conditioner, off and on for years, but I couldn’t give up shampoo. I put oils, butters and silicone products in my hair, and I had to use something to get out all of that gunk.

Then I started to read more about chemicals and think about the marketing genius of shampoo. It makes no sense to me to wash all of the natural oils out of my hair and then replace them with conditioner. So, I tried a little experiment.  I didn’t put any of the aforementioned ingredients in my hair, and I use a conditioner with water-soluble ingredients. I massage my scalp with conditioner, rinse my scalp and hair with warm water, and go about my daily routine.

I’ve been doing this for about three months, and my hair is soft and retains moisture. I must admit it was tough giving up shampoo. It was part of my shower routine, and a conditioner rinse doesn’t feel quite the same as a shampoo. It’s a amazing how a few suds can make you feel like you’re doing the right thing.

Will I ever use shampoo again? Maybe. I may want the sheen that some oils — I love argan and jojoba — provide or use something else that I can’t easily rinse out with conditioner. I still wash Simone and Nadia’s hair with diluted shampoo and hope to eventually make the conditioner only transition for their hair as well. But just wash my hair because I think it’s dirty or that it’s right thing to do? Ut-uh. Those days are over.


4 thoughts to “Conditioner Only

  • Aisha G of Hartlyn Kids

    INTERESTING. So you wash your hair every day? I tried co-washing and felt that I needed more lather because my scalp gets so dry but I also want my hair to be more moisturized. Something to consider….

  • Honeysmoke

    I wash once a week. That’s a good question. I’ll add that to the post.

  • Beth

    This is very interesting. I plan to share it with my granddaughter, she of the very long, dry curlies. Thank you. Another myth: your face isn’t clean unless you scrub it with drying face soap.

  • Aisha G of Hartlyn Kids

    Ok – thanks. I may give this a try for six weeks because during the winter in particular I could really use more moisture

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