When a church holds a vote opposing interracial couples, one has to pause and reflect on why so many people are worried about what other people are doing.

The pastor and 30 church members at Kentucky’s Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church have reversed the racist vote made my church leaders. Pastor Stacy Stepp says the congregation passed a new resolution that does not conflict with federal laws.

The church welcomes “believers into our fellowship regardless of race, creed or color,” according to a new church resolution. That’s a very good thing. The fact that anyone had to make such a statement in 2011 is not.

Gawker has a good take on the matter.

2 thoughts to “Regardless Of Race, Creed, Or Color

  • Blanc2

    There’s a lot of racism about. The Obama election has brought this well into focus. On the one hand, the fact of his election was a testament to how much progress our nation has made. After all, millions of white voters supported Obama. On the other hand, the fact that we have a black president has really brought the cockroaches out from behind the baseboards. As a nation we still have very far to go.

    This also underscores how, often, it is people who call themselves “Christians” who are the most abject hypocritical bigots. Sort of goes hand in hand with how all of those evangelical loudmouths end up being closet gays.

  • Nadia

    Why would she even keep attending a church that has such views? Not worth it to me.

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