The Hello, Goodbye Window

Written by Norton Juster

Illustrated by Chris Raschka

Magic happens in the picture window. It’s where a little girl and her doting mixed-race grandparents watch the world, explore their lives, and say hello and goodbye.

The story is told from a child’s point of view, and the illustrations look like something a child would draw with ink and water color. Simone and Nadia squeal and point at the bright illustrations.

The book tells a strong story about family, while delivering a subtle message about race. There’s no mention of race in the book. At the same time, Nanna and Poppy are clearly from different racial backgrounds. What’s unsaid is that love is love is love. The little girl loves her Nanny and Poppy because they spend time with her and teach her about the stars and the harmonica.

This book is a library find, and we’ve checked it out more than once. My girls have not mentioned the differences in skin tone for the grandparents, and I have a feeling that’s just the way the author and illustrator intended.

One thought to “The Hello, Goodbye Window”

  • lff

    Love this book! Have you also seen “My Two Granddads” and “My Two Grandmas”? A biracial boy tells about the differences, and shared love, for his grandparents.

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