It happens a lot this time of the year.

Friends and relatives ask me for Simone and Nadia’s Christmas list. Well, there hasn’t really been a list. Simone wrote a letter to Santa at the mall last year and asked for one gift, while Nadia pointed to a few things in a catalog.

This year, there is a list. Well, there are two envelopes stuffed with pictures from a store catalog. Both circled the toys they’d like to receive, and Simone cut them out. They stuffed the requests into two envelopes without indicating which toys are for Simone and which are for Nadia. Simone insisted she put the envelopes in a high place so that she can retrieve them later and send them to Santa.

“Mommy and Daddy are Santa Claus,” I reminded her.

“I know,” she said. “We’re going to send this to Santa so that he can buy the expensive ones.”

Well, that settles it.

I found the envelopes on the kitchen table. Scraps of paper were neatly folded and placed inside. A few pieces were entire pages, everything on them circled in pen. On one page, there were five items. Four of the items were circled. The fifth had been crossed through with an X. There wasn’t one expensive request. I think Santa, I mean, we will do just fine.

As for those friends and relatives, I suggest they make a contribution to Simone and Nadia’s 529 Plans. We opened the accounts weeks after they were born to help pay for college. Children, I’m told, need presence, not presents. Well, one day we’re going to show them a long list of the people who were present and contributed to their futures.


3 thoughts to “Christmas List

  • Aisha G of Hartlyn Kids

    This is awesome! I have a friend that does this with birthday gifts as well. Especially at a very young age this is best – my daughter is happy to play with boxes still! LOL. One year, we asked for people to contribute to our favorite charity in lieu of christening gifts.

    • Honeysmoke

      Re: sending contributions to a family’s favorite charity

      That’s a good idea!

  • Blanc2

    The 529 plan. Period. The trinkets and toys will all migrate to the trash heap sooner or later (probably sooner), but the education is something nobody can take away from them.

    It becomes easier when they get older — the trend towards gifts fewer in number but more significant and expensive. A laptop, needed for school work. A cymbal or soccer practice net. Etc.

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