I read somewhere that a way to get children to brush their teeth longer is to sing the alphabet song to them. I tried that, and it works. One night for no reason in particular, I started singing the chorus to the Jackson 5’s ABC.

Easy as…

Or simple as…
Do re mi
ABC, 123, baby, you and me girl!

I really got into it. In fact, I worried if anyone walked by the house, she might, um, summon the law. (What’s that ma’am? A mother is verbally assaulting her children in the bathroom?) I played all of the instruments, made up my own words, and threw in some vintage dance moves. The girls loved it, and they brushed and brushed.

Success, right? Kind of. Since then, and it’s been several weeks, the girls have requested the song at Toothbrush Time. I have granted their request, but I have my eye on another Jackson 5 song to keep things interesting. It’s titled I Want You Back.

The things we do for our children.