Say hello to Lily from Sesame Street. She’s 7 and “food insecure.”

The USDA estimates 17 million children live at or below the poverty level and that their access to food is limited or uncertain. Lily represents them.

The newest Muppet will be featured in a  prime-time Sesame Street special “Growing Hope Against Hunger” on Oct. 9 to raise awareness about hunger in America.

I wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard about Lily. Some children don’t know they grew up poor until they are much older, while others are keenly aware of their upbringing as it’s happening. I’ll be watching with Simone and Nadia to see what I think.

How about you? Will you watch?

ETA: I thought it was appearing later than it did, and we missed the special. I’m hoping it will air again and we can catch it then.



One thought to “Meet Lily, Sesame Street's New Friend”

  • Laura M.

    I like the plant “plant, grow, reep, sow” riff. I’m glad that SStreet might be going the teach a man to fish route.

    Not sure if I will watch, but I would love to hear your’s and your family’s review of the show. 🙂

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