It happened once, then twice, and now it seems to be a trend. The Transportation Safety Administration has a problem with big hair.

News outlets have covered the events, and the TSA hasn’t given an explanation. We know why we have to take off our shoes, and our belts and anything else that may have metal in it. We know why we shouldn’t have liquids in our bags. Why does someone need to touch our scalp and our hair? That’s so personal.

Some don’t see a problem with this latest search. If the TSA wants to touch your hair, you should oblige. It only takes a moment, and it’s for our safety.

That’s true.

But what about searching other women who have big, curly hair? And what’s next? There are all kinds of places on the body where items may be stored.

For argument’s sake, let’s say the TSA is searching everyone and isn’t profiling black folks. The practice doesn’t make me feel any safer boarding an airplane.

How about you?


2 thoughts to “Hair and Airport Security

  • Beth

    Ridiculous! Hair should be off-limits. I suppose it won’t be long before we’re all strip-searched. That’s when I stop flying. My under-wire bra once set off a metal detector. Yet I know 3 people who boarded flights with pen knives in their pockets! On Frontline the other night–According to experts, despite all the sophisticated technology, hiring of TSA agents, new HMS buildings (one of which descends 20 floors below ground); enhanced surveillance tecniques, on and on ad nauseum, MOST breakthroughs in fingering and/or apprehending terrorists come from tips by private citizens! And some of those are ignored. Yet we go on spending zillions to give the impression that these tactics keep us safe. How sick and misguided are we? And can you imagine what all that money would do to stimulate the economy, raise the level of our education system, and assist the poor? But they want to poke around in your ‘fro, case you’re hiding a WMD..

  • class factotum

    That is ridiculous that they would search this woman’s hair. I don’t feel any safer. Leave the hair alone.

    That said, what popped into my mind was the scene from “Undercover Brother” when he uses his hair picks as weapons. But that was A MOVIE, TSA!

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