Parenthood is back. If you haven’t already, get thee over to and give it access to your Twitter account. Use the parenthood hastag — #parenthood — to find all who are Tweeting about the show. Don’t have a Twitter account? For shame. Watching TV alone is so 2009. It’s much more fun to watch and Tweet with hundreds of your closest friends during a Twitter party.

The dramedy is based on the large and oh-so-colorful Braverman family. Julia wants to have a second child. She’s a high-powered attorney and can’t get pregnant. She is married to a stay-at-home dad, Joel, which makes for all kinds of play on gender roles. Their daughter, Sydney, is quite precocious and recently announced she’s a vegetarian.

Kristina and Adam are expecting their first child in about 10 years. That’s a handful because the couple have a teen, Haddie, who is dating a black guy, and a son, Max, who has Asperger’s. Adam is the eldest Braverman and is unemployed, or at least he was at the end of the season.

Then there’s Sarah. She’s a single mother of two teens, Amber and Drew, as well as the artist in the family. The kids’ father comes and goes, while Sarah and the kids stay with her parents. Amber is a wayward teen who didn’t get into college, while Drew is trying to strike up a relationship with his father against his mother’s wishes.

Camille and Zeek are the parents of the whole clan and serve as the foundation for the family. That is, when they aren’t having their own trouble. Thanks to some bad business deals, Camille and Zeek are broke. Camille was quite upset with Zeek about the matter, but the couple have since reconciled.

Alas, there is Crosby. He is the youngest and least responsible of the Bravermans. When the season ended, Jasmine, who is black, accepted Crosby back in her life, after he had cheated on her. The two had been engaged. One night they had a fight, and Crosby did the unthinkable. I follow this plot closely, and I highly doubt any woman would take back a man under such circumstances. But this is TV. The couple have a mixed-race son, Jabbar, which provides great fodder for racial conflict.

It will be fun to see what’s going on with the Bravermans. It’s on NBC Tuesdays 10/9Central. My handle is @honeysmokeblog, and I look forward to seeing you at the party.

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  • Nadia

    I’m so glad Parenthood is back, although staying up until 11pm is still hard. I can’t wait to see what the season unfolds.

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