Nadia sensed danger and sounded the alarm. With outstretched arms and fright in her eyes, she ran toward me.

“Simone’s stuck! Simone’s stuck!”

Just a few feet away in one of those bouncy things, Simone was indeed stuck. Either she tried to go through a hole that was too small for her lanky body to fit through or the air-filled playground malfunctioned. Whatever the case, Nadia wanted her sister freed — and immediately. Ken checked on Simone, who was not frightened, while I tried to calm down Nadia.

She was in tears, running to the bouncy and then to me and to the bouncy again. She would not rest, until Simone was okay. The whole situation lasted only a few minutes. A pull and a few tugs later, Simone was free. Nadia returned to her usual upbeat demeanor, and I wiped her tears away.

Aha, I thought, they do care about each other. Sure, I already knew that. It’s easy to forget when Simone is whining that Nadia won’t share the stool, or Nadia is complaining that her sister won’t share a game. The problems never cease. Nadia is giggling too loud. Simone is snoring. Simone is looking at Nadia. No, Nadia is looking at Simone. Sigh.

Then Simone gets stuck, and Nadia does the right thing. All is right with world. Well, until the complaints start again. Simone won’t let me get in the car. Nadia is standing in my way. The joys of parenthood.