Beautiful Little Girl: Do y’all speak Spanish?

Nadia: No, we don’t speak Spanish.

Beautiful Little Girl: You look like you do.

Simone: Do you speak Spanish?

Beautiful Little Girl: Yes.

I cannot place a value on overhearing such conversations. While the rest of the world is debating the validity of a fictional book and movie, I’m sitting front row and center, watching our future navigate this thing called race.

I could not have imagined how many ways people would ask, “What are you?” We have been asked whether our daughters are Brazilian and Asian. A few weeks ago, someone asked Simone whether her father is Chinese, and someone else asked if she was mixed with black and white.

I had worried — Sometimes I still do — about the questions. A part of me feared people would make assumptions and taunt my girls. I try to arm Simone and Nadia with answers. After witnessing how my daughters handle these situations, I am not sure I need to intervene.

The conversation above was so mature. The Beautiful Little Girl spied two little girls who didn’t look one way or another. She checked her hunch and was skeptical when it was not validated. She was certainly on to something. Nadia, who can be a bit blunt and sassy, answered her question without judgment. Even when the Beautiful Little Girl told Simone and Nadia she was doubtful about the answer, there was no back and forth. Simone, a reporter-in-training, figured there had to be a reason why the little girl asked and turned the question around. Then I heard giggles and squeals and laughter.

With all the mature stuff out of the way, they got down to the business of playing with each other. I think we adults can learn a thing or two from the children.




3 thoughts to “Overheard On The Playground

  • Melissa

    I think your girls handled it quite well. Perhaps the Beautiful Little Girl just wanted to be able to speak Spanish with some new playmates. It’s hard to know what kids are thinking sometimes. My granddaughter has been asked a number of times if she’s Chinese even though she has really blonde hair. Kids can be pretty pointed in their remarks but often it’s just their natural curiousity that’s coming out.

  • Blanc2

    We had similar experiences when our kids were young. Each time, I was amazed at the poise, maturity and aptness of their response. Kids are way more sentient than we generally give them credit for.

  • Sunny

    Precious story!
    Smart little girls you’ve got there.

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