Add in your own bluesy guitar riff between verses


My daughter is a first-grader

Can ride the bus to school

It’s a five-minute ride

Makes so much sense too


Well, she boarded the bus

Told the driver her name

Sat next to a girl

Went on the first day


Picked her up a little later

All seemed a go

Then my daughter said something

She told me no.


Well, it’s more convenient.

Probably safer too.

The little girl won’t do it.

So, what’s a parent to do


I’ve got the blues

The school bus blues

She’d rather ride in the SUV

So, what’s a parent to do

7 thoughts to “School Bus Blues

  • SingLikeSassy

    As a parent you say, get on the bus because this is not a democracy, that’s what you do.

  • Laura M.

    I’d tell her that “_Big_ girls love riding the bus.” Just look at !

    And then, I’d say if she’s not riding the bus then we’re going to ride bikes or walk because it’s silly to drive the car for that short of a trip. (Main message: I’m not driving you in the car for several reasons.)

    That’s me and my personal philosophies. YMMV. 🙂

    • Honeysmoke

      I will try both of those. Here’s the thing. We drive right by the school, while taking her sister to pre-school.

  • Beth

    That’s a tough one. It’s not the bus, right? She’s having some separation anxiety. She doesn’t want to leave you and her sister. She might miss something. I’d tell her she’s a big girl and part of being a big girl and a first grader is riding the bus. Acknowledge that she may feel strange at first. Tell her that riding the bus will soon be FUN. And she’ll look forward to it. Until then, you’re counting on her to behave like the big girl she IS. (Or some other b.s.). If it becomes an issue, I’d discuss with the pediatrician.

    • Honeysmoke

      You’re right. It’s not really about the bus. It’s about always getting a ride to preschool/school just like her sister. She promises she will do it in the second grade. That’s also when little sis goes to kindergarten.

      • Melissa

        I think, in raising kids, you have to pick your battles. Simone has a point in that you drive past her school when you take her sister to pre-school. Since she’s promised to ride the bus when Nadia goes to kindergarten next year, I’d say give her a pass on this for now. Yes, you are the mommy and what you say goes (or should) but in the long run it’s not worth escalating this into a major battle of the wills. Simone sounds like a great kid. I say cut her some slack on this one. 🙂

  • Nikki @ Blasian Baby Notes

    Hmm. why not do half and half? One day SUV, one day the bus. Yes she needs to get use to taking the bus but I’m not a fan of forcing it. Once she makes a new friend on the bus she’ll go without a problem. Hope you figure it out

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