ETA: The mother was spared jail time. She was sentenced to community service and 12 months probation. Thanks to Blanc2 for pointing this out in the comment section. 

A mother has no car, takes the bus for work and errands, and has three kids. The bus lets her out on a five-lane highway. She and her three kids get safely to the median. One of the kids squirms away and is hit by a drunk driver. Why is the child’s mother also going to jail? A sad account spotted on Check it out.

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  • Blanc2

    It’s a sad tale but there is an aspect to this that I’ve not seen mentioned elsewhere, which is the manner in which virtually all urban planning codes in place across the nation default to the notion that the first order of priority in any development is to enhance and expand the facilities for vehicle travel, with foot and bicycle travel at best a second thought. This prejudice toward incorporating facilities for individual automobile usage as the primary and, in many suburbs, sole means of transportation has been in place in this nation since the 1950’s. Circumstances like this are one result. Another is the growing phenomenon of elderly people becoming isolated in their suburban homes, unable to access even the most basic services like groceries or doctors because they can no longer drive themselves. Etc. In the meantime, the nation continues to become increasingly obese, in part due to inactivity.

  • taliba

    Update on this story: The mother Raquel Nelson, the woman whose son was struck by a van and killed while the family was jaywalking across a busy Georgia street has been sentenced to 12 months probation. I had continued to follow this story because it touched my heart. Now this poor mother can grieve. You can still see the extreme grief and sadness in her face on interviews. No one can bring her child back but she states that she has forgiven the man (who had recurrent DUIs) for the death of her son. Too bad she had to go through the added stress of being charged herself and being unable to focus on her other children’s grief as well as her own.

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  • Blanc2

    She’s not facing jail time but she is on probation for a year. Basically what this means is that each time she takes that bus she must then walk the 0.3 miles up to the corner, across the wide street, and then 0.3 miles back, just to reach her front door. Nearly 3/4 of a mile walk to get to a residence that is across the street. With little kids in tow, often carrying groceries, often well after dark in a somewhat “iffy” neighborhood. It’s an abomination in so many ways, from the prosecutor’s decision to press charges in the first place to the zoning and planning decisions at the municipal level that lead to the creation of that set of physical conditions.

    • Honeysmoke

      Thanks for the clarification. She’s been all over the morning talk shows.

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