Say it ain’t so. A curly goes through airport security with her hair in a puff, and the TSA has to search her hair? I think I would have had a similar reaction. Don’t touch the hair!

She had nothing to hide but just didn’t want strangers feeling her hair.

“It’s just totally a violation of my personal space and my biggest question is if I’m going through a full body X-ray what more do you need to find, after that?” Adiele said.

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2 thoughts to “A Hair Story

  • Beth

    Absurd. Ridiculous. Dumb. Humiliating. Unwarranted. Unnecessary.

    Did you read a couple of weeks ago about the wheelchair-bound, elderly woman who was forced by TSA to remove her Depends in Destin, Florida?


    • Honeysmoke

      Yes, that was crazy. It’s like they don’t have any common sense.

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