Wordle: the answer is within the children

The answer is within the children.

That’s my six-word essay on race. I believe Simone and Nadia’s generation is going to put the issue to rest.

I submitted my essay to Michele_Norris.com, a web site for the book The Grace of Silence.

Norris, co-host of National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” unearthed two truths about her family and wrote about them in her memoir. Her father had been shot in the leg in Birmingham, Ala., by a white police officer in 1946, and her grandmother had worked for Quaker Oats as a traveling Aunt Jemima in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

As Norris promoted her memoir, she thought it would be a good idea to hand out postcards to start conversations about race. What she learned is that those who had picked up her book had no trouble at all talking about race. In fact, she found a lot of people wanted to tell their stories.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity. It’s just six words. Well, as a writer, I had trouble with the word count and wrote two six-word essays. The other one: Black woman, white man, golden children. I have to admit I like the one above better. So did Norris, who sent it via Twitter to all of her followers.

Head over to her site, click on the RACE Card button and write your own six-word essay. Tell her Honeysmoke sent you.



3 thoughts to “Six-Word Essay On Race

  • Beth

    Excellent! And you’re absolutely right.

  • Jen Marshall Duncan

    I, too, believe in your six-word essay. I was just having a similar conversation with Eliss from Integrated Memoirs on my blog. We both agreed–it is the children who will force society to change perceptions of race, when there are too many mixtures for anyone to clearly identify as one race or another. I think about my own children: depending on who they marry, there may not be enough boxes to check on the census to describe their heritage. I hope the world can come to accept this one-word essay on race: HUMAN.

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