Here are two radio treats. The first is from the Brian Lehrer show, and the second is from StoryCorps Griot.

The number of mixed race kids has risen by 50 percent in 10 years. Interracial relationships are also on the rise. Terry Zealand and Faye Zealand, co-founders of the AIDS Resource Foundation for Children, discuss their interracial relationship and how things have changed since they got together in the 60s. Listeners of the Brian Lehrer Show offer their experiences about growing up as a mixed race child or raising a mixed race child. Enjoy!

Click on the link to hear Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni share her feelings about self-identity and a story from childhood where she learned the power of a word in a profound way. Enjoy!

2 thoughts to “Being Mixed Race In America

  • Stephanie Casher

    I’m a biracial woman and author of multicultural fiction. I also live in an area where it’s not uncommon to see mixed couples and children. I think the walls are finally breaking down. Thanks for having a radio forum for this topic.

  • Marcus Maxwell

    I’m mixed race my mom is Native American,Italian and Puerto rican and my dad is Jamaican or African American. I for one I’m glad that you are letting our voices be heard.

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