Black is beautiful, Mom told me when I was little.

I don’t know why she said it. I don’t know whether she was part of the movement or simply repeating something she had heard. All I know is I believed her – and I still do.

I believed before and after a researcher wrote a Psychology Today blog post and tried to prove that black women are less attractive than other women.

I believed as I watched how friends and strangers digested the information. Some refused to post the article or any links to it. Others urged their friends to call the magazine and complain. At least one of my Facebook friends provided updates on her cuteness throughout the day. I wish I had thought of that.

Some people may think I am unattractive. They are free believe it. They are free to say it.  Here’s the catch: I don’t have to believe them.

Was the Psychology Today article interesting?  Yes. Was it worth discussing? Sure. Did it hurt my feelings? Nope.

Maybe Mom was telling me not to seek validation from others, because it comes from within. With any luck, I can pass on that lesson to Simone and Nadia.

ETA: Psychology Today editors apologized for publishing evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa’s blog post “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” Kanazawa is also under investigation by the London School of Economics.



6 thoughts to “Black Is Beautiful

  • taliba

    That is exactly what I told my beautiful chocolate, curly-haired child when she was small. By the way I was part of the movement; and she KNOWS that about herself to this day (and is passing it on to my lovely granddaughters), so it works.

  • Honeysmoke

    Yes, it does. Good for you!

  • tawanna

    I dont have any kids but I am 23 years old and I always tell myself that Black is Beautiful all the time. I even like to shout it out in front on friends I know and other African American people I dont know because why? it feel good and its

  • Sunny

    In the earliest footage of me, I’m very very young, raising a chubby fist, and stating (prompted by my mother), “Bwack powah!”
    That was 43 years ago, and “bwack” is still beautiful.

  • b.

    I’m with you, Honeysmoke. My annoyance was for the fact that it was even published in the first place, especially on a widely-read site. I was annoyed for anyone that might read it and start believing it (or use it as “proof” against someone else). People who fall into these categories usually have preexisting conditions of the spirit.

    My very first reaction was, “How dumb is this…the premise is stupid and the data is badly constructed.” I am beautiful inside and out and that fact will never be denied. (Disagreed with, maybe…but never denied.)

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