Check out this Psychology Today research that uses science to explain why black women are less attractive than white, Asian and Native American women. After you pick your jaw off the floor, be sure to leave a comment.

Edited to add:

Ha! Since I posted this, it seems the article has been taken down. The Root weighs in with this essay, and here is NPR’s take on the issue. Psychology Today has a new post on the matter.

ETA: Psychology Today editors apologized for publishing evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa’s blog post “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” Kanazawa is also under investigation by the London School of Economics.

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  • Rania

    Everyone had been sharing that link yesterday and it was taken down before I was able to read it.

    I’m not sure why I have allowed this article (even just the title since i never read the actual Psychology Today article) to get me down. It was very depressing to hear. My husband (who is white, I am black) even asked me what was wrong because I was so sad looking and after I told him he just said “There must be some mistake. Every white guy who finds out I’m married to you is jealous.” (smile) Made me smile for a second that he tried to make me feel better, but it just really gets to me that this could even come up…why aren’t we considered as beautiful as others?

    I don’t know what the answer to this is. I really don’t…I realize there are ugly people in every race, but why classify a whole race of females as less attractive than every other race of women on the planet…? Is it the stereotype? Our hair? Our noses? Lips? (Can’t be, because everyone seems to want them!)

    I think this got to me because deep down I already had this complex of not feeling beautiful. Growing up a darker skinned woman in Oklahoma in the 80s when dark wasn’t cool really did a bit of a number on me. There are two instances in my childhood that have scarred me for life and this article just brought those to light for me: (1) once when I was about 6, a friend’s mom had commented about me to her son (she didn’t know I could hear her) “she’s cute for a dark girl”. This was a black woman. Why couldn’t I just be cute? Why was the specific ‘dark’ statement mentioned? Could you only be pretty if you were light skinned? (of course this is what I saw a lot of growing up).

    (2) My Japanese grandmother, who married a very dark black man, did not favor me at all because of my coloring. I was witness to her disdain during a confrontation she had with my mother and father when I was 10. I knew she preferred the males in the family and I already knew she preferred the lighter skinned family members, but it really hurt to have actual confirmation behind my speculation.

    Anyway, I will try to get past this recent self esteem set back, but it saddens me that this is still the case in 2011…mentality like this…

  • Keya

    I just read the article. And it’s a bunch of bull. What was the purpose of this study?
    Here’s the link to a repost of the article.

  • Mrs. K

    I refuse to let this article injure my self esteem. No matter how scientific Satoshi believes he is, one cannot objectively measure things like beauty/attractiveness. Apparently he is a controversial evolutionary psychologist. At times we don’t know what people’s motives are. Who knows he may just be trying to draw some attention to himself to fulfill his narcissistic/histrionic needs. Also, speaking from experience some Asians have a lot of the insecurities that other minority groups have and this could just be a way for Satoshi to project his own insecurities and inferior feelings onto another group. I would take this with a grain of salt–although Satoshi may be an educated man, he’s obviously a complete idiot. Thanks 🙂

    • Honeysmoke

      I agree. No, the article has had no effect on my self-esteem. I know who I am, and I don’t look for validation from researchers.

      I also know some have argued that we shouldn’t even post the article, that doing so is giving his work credence. I disagree. I think we should know what people say about us, regardless of content. I think it is better to be informed.

  • Honeysmoke

    Thanks so much for your honest response, and I love your hubby’s response. *There must be some mistake. Every white guy who finds out I’m married to you is jealous.”*
    I’d put that up on a board somewhere.

    If you’re feeling down, read and reread Mrs. K’s post. She’s got a good point. It’s racism, pure and simple. I think the blog post, which was quickly taken down, says more about the author than it does about anyone he was supposedly writing about.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • class factotum

    Have you read the book “Blonde Roots?” (Actually, you might be the one who recommended it!) The premise is that Africans have been enslaving Europeans. An English woman who was captured as a child feels very ugly because of her thin lips, lank, straight hair, pale skin, small butt and skinny nose.

    The point is that the dominant culture sets the beauty standard that many people adhere to. But – there is beauty everywhere. What a silly study. Who would fund such crap?

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