On Mother’s Day I purchased my first-ever hair stick and hair pin. (I deserve them!)

Both accessories keep hair up and out of the way without damaging it. Curly hair can be cantankerous, especially when left exposed to the elements and clothing. It will even tie itself in knots when allowed to dry in its naturally curly state. The resulting phenomenon is call a fairy knot, because only a fairy could tie a knot so small.

Some curlies wear their hair in a bun to avoid knots and tangles. It saves a lot of time and doesn’t look all that bad either. Perfect. There was only one problem. How do you get a smooth stick to stay in and hold up your hair? YouTube has the answer. Insert the stick in the hair, touch the scalp with the stick, and without pulling the stick out of the hair, turn it in the opposite direction and secure the hair. It is not as hard as it sounds. Search for and watch videos for a better explanation.

I set out to find a stick. For such small accessories, some vendors manage to put all kinds of baubles on them. Many looked gaudy to me. Affordability also was an issue. It’s a six-inch long piece of wood or resin, not a bottle of perfume. My hair stick days almost ended before they began. Remember, I didn’t know if I could successfully use a hair stick.

I searched Etsy.com. I perused the archives of several hair Web sites. I even tried to find them on the ground. I came up with nothing, until I clicked on FranceLuxe.com. Where has this site been all of my life? It has hair sticks, barrettes, clips, claws, pretty much everything.  Sure, there are  some pricey items. Every girl needs a $598 silk charmeuse headband. At the same time, there are plenty of affordable choices. The hair stick set me back $11, while the hair pin came in at $3. There was no additional charge for shipping. Three days after I placed the order, my hair toys were waiting for me when I got home from work.

I did what all of those tutorials told me to do, and the stick stuck. My only fear: poking someone or something else that gets too close to my head. Wish me luck.

Do you have a hair stick? If so, share your tips.




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  • Blanc2

    A former co-worker, a very stylish woman, did this most days at work with an ordinary pencil. It was sort of her trademark, her one bit of “anti-fashion” in contrast to the designer suits, the Rolex, etc.

    By the way, were you going to include links to the tutorial and the product site?

    • Honeysmoke

      Good catch! Links can be troublesome when posts are archived, and I left them out of this post. I’ve added them, because I think readers will be looking for them.

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