It was such a lovely day.

Simone appeared at my bedside a few minutes after 7 with a bright smile and presents.  I received a forever bouquet, paper flowers, a poem and a Mother’s Day journal similar to the one Nadia gave me earlier in the week.

I placed my gifts on the table, and Simone and Nadia went to work. They put peanut butter on pieces of mini Nilla Wafers and made tiny sandwiches. Believe it or not, they were quite tasty. The four sandwiches were presented on a toy muffin tray, and I sipped water out of a plastic tea cup.

The girls pretended they owned a restaurant, and they were cooking up delicious treats and serving them. I just love their creativity. Breakfast in bed was their idea, and they did it all by themselves. Unforgettable.


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  • Keya

    Awww, that was so sweet. Happy Mother’s day.

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