Mother’s Day is not really a day anymore. It’s like a long weekend, and I received the first of many hand-made gifts today.

Teachers at Nadia’s preschool asked her a few questions about me and and here are some of the answers.

1. How old is your mom? I don’t know.

Simone and Nadia haven’t asked my age. Even if they did, I would not tell them. I can imagine them on the playground trying to show off for some other kid. “Your mom is 29. Well, my mom is 50 million years old.”

2. What is her favorite color? Purple.

Umm, not really, but I do have a lot of purple items in my closet. I favor jewel tones.

3. What is her favorite food? She likes everything she bakes.

I’m a horrible cook, and my baking abilities leave a whole heck of a lot to be desired, but okay.

4. What is her favorite movie? Princess and the Frog.

You know, I think Nadia is answering for herself. Her favorite color is purple, and I think this is her favorite movie.

5. Where does she like to take you for fun? Stores.

Yes, I like to shop, and the girls like to go with me. Still, I’d like to point out for any child welfare people reading my blog that I often take my girls to the library and the park and all kinds of places that are age appropriate.

6. What message do you want to send her for Mother’s Day? Flowers.

I accept! You really do love me, though I am not sure that’s the answer the interviewer was looking for.

2 thoughts to “To Love Me Is …

  • TdoubleB

    Haha! I thought they had guessed their dad’s age recently as 16 and 21?

  • Nikki @ Euphoria Luv

    LOL. How cute

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