It was bound to happen. A father would weigh in on the whole Tiger Mom thing. They call him Panda Dad. He is soft and cuddly, with claws. He has written a book, and it has a Chinese connection.



2 thoughts to “Panda Dad

  • Rania

    For personal reasons, I literally get a little sick just reading about Tiger Mom. I truly believe it’s a sort of abuse, her way of thinking for raising children. I just can’t get over it.

    I had a little glimpse of that in my own childhood coming from a father who’s mother is Japanese and whose father was military. Talk about being PUSHED. My father really got it bad – physical and verbal abuse and all. But since that’s the only way he knew, he did the same to us.

    Although we were FINALLY allowed sleepovers (after much prodding from my aunt and grandmother and mom), we were still under the same pressures to achieve academically as was expected of Amy Chua’s children. Such pressures led me to resent, actually hate, my father growing up. I hated hearing his car pull into the driveway, hated sports events with him, walked on egg-shells around him at home and just over-all thought I was not good enough and that he didn’t love me. Not until I became a mom and he became a grandfather did he relent…just a bit.

    There are some good points to pushing your children – they, just as anyone,adults included, don’t know what they can do unless they are pushed – however to be pushed CONSTANTLY and unrelentingly can’t be good for the psche…but then again – she’s not concerned with their emotional or psychological well-being, is she? So it’s a moot point.

    But conversely with Panda Dad…his views may be a little too lax. For “lesser babysitters to run for the door” tells me they may be a little too unorganized. hahah

    There has to be a happy median here…Maybe someone can write a book called the Labrador Parent. Friendly, strong, smart, loving and yielding but protective of their brood and a gentle guide for those who need it.

    • Honeysmoke

      Tiger Mom is a marketing ploy. I haven’t finished reading her book, but what I’ve read is not nearly as controversial as what has been portrayed. Panda Dad is playing off Tiger Mom’s success. I seriously doubt I’d even pick up Panda Dad’s book, though it did receive excellent reviews.

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