Curious Little Girl to Simone: Is that your Mommy?

Simone: Yes.

Curious Little Girl to Simone’s Mommy: You’re getting browner.

Simone’s Mommy: I was already brown.

Curious Little Girl to Simone’s Mommy: And you had a white child?

Simone’s Mommy: Her Daddy’s white.

Curious Little Girl: Her Daddy’s white? Wow.

That was a first.

I have a pithy comeback when adults ask such questions. I don’t think that will work with children.  I could have taken her aside and told her more than she wanted to know, but her Mommy may not have liked that.

I love the way children think. This little girl who happened to be black accepted Simone as my daughter. She just could not process the color difference. Adults may peg me as an adoptive mother or the nanny. This little girl figured I had a deep, dark tan. I can work with that.

5 thoughts to “Is That Your Mommy?

  • Nikki @ Euphoria Luv

    It’s always a challenge to know what to say to children when they ask THAT question. Interesting way you handled it. LOL

  • Caroline

    Oh, that brings back memories. I don’t have any of my own children, but that happened to me so many times growing up, but sort of opposite. Very few of my classmates in kindergarden DIDN’T ask me if I was adopted when my mom came to my vocabulary parade, and turned out to be white, and not black like I was.

  • Blanc2

    Kids are naturally curious about this. We fielded many such inquiries when our kids were young and we were still living in Oakland, California. My policy is just to answer frankly and honestly.

  • Rania

    Oh I hear you. I even wrote a couple posts about my experience (and my mom’s birth experience) on my newest blog.

    Kids are so funny and innocent and curious. I love the questions and isn’t it awesome how accepting they are with the answer? Unlike adults who like to question and re-question and look sideways at you. hahah

  • Nikki C

    Children always say the most interesting things and view the world around them in the least complex ways and I love it. They don’t overanalyze what is in front of them, they accept everything whether it’s good or bad. I’m so thankful for being in the military and that my biracial daughter is on this journey with me. She is exposed to all sorts of different cultures, languages and skin colors every day. Her daycare friends just accept my daughter has a white mommy and a black daddy. They’ve grown up seeing it and don’t question why her parents don’t “match”.

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