That is the question Ken and I encounter the most in the Deep South. We don’t have Southern accents, and we’re an interracial couple. Most of the time people assume we are or we were once in the military. That’s close. We’re both military brats.

Here’s how it goes down.

“Where are you from?’

“Oh, we’re from here. We live this-and-so.”

“No, where are you from?”

“Seriously, we’re from here. Our parents live this-and-so.”

“No, where are you from?” By this time, the person is making signs with their hands, as if we are deaf.

“We both went to school here.”

We finally let them off the hook, telling folks we’re from all over the place, which is true when you’re a military brat.

It’s fun. You should try it some day.

3 thoughts to “Where Are You From?

  • Sunny

    Ooh, I’ve been there. Born & raised in the South (NC), spent nearly a decade in the Deep South (MS), did my time in northern states (MD, DE), and have spent the last ten years in the Southwest (TX). No matter where I’ve lived, including NC where I was born & raised, folks always said I sounded as if I were from someplace else. For me, this was disconcerting but not offensive. Offensive is a short step away–the dreaded “you talk white.” Grrrr….

  • SingLikeSassy

    Let’s talk about what that duck is doing….

    • Honeysmoke

      The duck photo has been removed.

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