Simone and Nadia had the pleasure of meeting author Nikki Grimes. Technically, I also met her, but she doesn’t know my name because I only introduced my girls. Oops!

We went to the library — on a school night, no less! — for the reading. The New York Times bestselling author has written several children’s books, and I thought the girls would enjoy her. I also would have a chance to ask a question or two. We arrived late, and I quickly realized the reading was for adults. Ms. Grimes had read to school children earlier in the day.

Nikki GrimesI heard very little of the reading. I was too busy keeping Simone and Nadia quiet and entertained. They played with some loose change I had in my coin purse. We took one field trip to the powder room. They played with some business cards I had in my wallet. At one point, they skipped around an adjoining room, entertaining themselves by the light coming from their shoes. Thank goodness for carpet. We did all of that, but we did not interrupt Ms. Grimes’ reading. When it was all over, the girls received praise for behaving so well, and I was … exhausted.

The good news is I told Ms. Grimes about my goal to publish a children’s book, and she suggested I join the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She wasn’t the first writer who had suggested I join. It’s just I am a member of so many organizations for writers and didn’t want to add another to my resume. I took her advice, and I am glad joined SCBWI. There are two conferences, where I can meet with agents, editors and other children’s book authors, within driving distance this year.

In the meantime, I continue to research, er, read children’s books. Ms. Grimes signed two of her books for us: Oh, Brother! and Danitra Brown Leaves Town. I will review both soon.

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  • africa

    Thank you so much for this post.I learned something new.I can’t to read her books and the one about bessie coleman:)

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