My Christmas list has gotten longer each year. I prefer not to sit out gift-giving and instead try to find creative ways to show people I care without putting a huge dent in my wallet.

My first strategyy is to create a theme. Teachers do not receive nearly enough recognition. Around this time of the year, I like to show them how much I appreciate what they do. I chose a peppermint and chocolate theme this year. It is my hope the teachers receive the gift as a token of my appreciation. Each preschool teacher will receive three goodies and a sweet note  in her bag.

The goodies:

Mrs. Fields Chocolates, Target, $1

Ghirardelli CoffeeTarget, $1

Twisted Peppermint Hand Sanitizer, Bath and Body Works, $1.50

Twisted Peppermint Handibac, Bath and Body Works, $2.50

Peppermint Soap, Pier 1, $2.50

Peppermint Godiva Truffle Bar, Godiva, $2.99

A trick I use to keep costs down is to take one gift and split it among a few people. I purchased this body wash and body butter set for $14 at Sephora. It was regularly priced $28. I told a sales assistant what I was up to and she let me know they were 50 percent off. There are three gifts in this pack, which comes to $4.70 apiece. Not bad.

My final approach is to add two gifts to make one and then give the same gift to a few people. There is no reason why two people who don’t know each other have to receive different gifts.

After I read The Four Agreements earlier this year, I knew I wanted to give it as a gift. It’s a small book that can have a big effect on a life. A book alone, though, didn’t seem like much of a gift. A few years ago, I purchased three Brighton bookmarks for $20, and the company has the same deal this season. Perfect.

I purchased the books on Amazon along with a toy so that I could get free shipping. The paperback book retails for $12.95 in book stores, but I got them for $7.77 apiece.

I slid on the bookmarks and wrote a sweet note about why I had gifted the book. The cost was about $14.50 per person.

Whew! I am almost finished. How about you? Got any good gift ideas? Share them here.

2 thoughts to “Christmas On A Budget

  • Beth

    Probably because I enjoy receiving food gifts (any time of the year), I buy holiday tins at the Dollar Store ($1 each) and fill them with spiced pecans (buy them in 2 pound bags, toss with seasoning and oil and bake). They’re yummy and they keep for weeks–or you can freeze them! Other gifts include cookies from recipes that I’ve collected over the years, chocolate truffles (easy and inexpensive when I make ’em–and I get to eat the ‘leftovers), and my grandmother’s famous fudgey brownies, cut in little squares and dusted with confectioner’s sugar. I eat what’s left in the pan: My reward for being frugal.

  • Mrs. K

    I agree with you that teachers do so much but do not receive the recognition they deserve. So nice of you to consider them. That is such a neat idea and lots of goodies 🙂

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