I’m not much into movements. Scratch that. I’m not much into movements about personal decisions.

Bloggers often clog fellow bloggers email boxes with invitations to join this movement or that. Most are for a good cause; some try to right a wrong. Each time I receive an invite I have to ask myself whether I feel so strongly about an issue I’m willing to risk being called out of my name or lied about or targeted for harm in some way.  The answer is absolutely not.

As much as I think natural hair is better than relaxed hair or that interracial dating is a viable option for black women, I will not join online movements supporting these issues. Both are personal decisions, and the state of the world doesn’t hinge on hair and dating practices.

I write a blog about raising Simone and Nadia. I am willing to risk everything for them. They are my only movement.

One thought to “Movements”

  • Nikki @ Euphoria Luv

    You have the right focus. Not all movements need everyone’s support. Heck just raising kids is a movement. 🙂

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