My book proposal has been edited, and I working out the kinks. I’ll give my side of the story in a few weeks.

For now, read editor Amanda Moon’s take on the process.

Every editor has a different editorial style – in my case, I like to speak with an author about her vision for the book, discuss concerns. I enjoy being a “hands-on” editor and asking as many questions of the author as possible, finding ways to be more specific when it comes to an idea, more accurate when setting a scene, as assertive as possible when describing why you are the right person to write about your topic of interest, and finally, finding ways to crystallize your hook – the angle and viewpoint that really makes your project stand out in the mountain of proposals going to agents and publishers these days. I also like to line edit. So I offered Monique line edits, and the “macro” level big-think edits as well.


2 thoughts to “Passion Project Update

  • mamacandtheboys

    Thrilled to see that you are this far along in the process! CONGRATS. (OK a bit jealous–but mostly INSPIRED). Thanks for keeping us posted–and sharing this valuable gold nugget. Happy Holidays!

  • Honeysmoke

    It’s a process. I’ve been working on the book since Simone was born. If I am lucky, it will published before she goes to college.

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