My inner product junkie got the best of me and I picked up a bottle of Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Lite Curl Booster a few weeks ago. The original Hair Milk worked for Simone and me but was too heavy for Nadia.  I also am not fond of the original’s scent.

It turns out my little splurge was a bad idea because I love this product. I think the founder of the Carol’s Daughter got the message that many folks think the original is oily and pungent.

Hair Milk Lite has a pleasant scent and is very light. It tames Simone and Nadia’s frizzies while giving me a little moisture. It’s probably a little too light for my hair. Still, I like the earthy scent and can’t pass up a product all three of us can use. The bad news is we’re running through it like it’s Kool-Aid, and it costs about $20 a bottle. I joked with my hubby that he may have to get a part-time job just to keep up with our hair needs. He didn’t find it funny but certainly understands the importance of a good hair day.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this product. When it comes to Carol’s Daughter, curlies often give it mixed reviews. I hesitated to buy Hair Milk Lite but am glad I did. I’ll be making another trip to the beauty store soon. I’ll be the one saying, “More Hair Milk Lite, please.”

Have you tried it? What did you think?

5 thoughts to “More Hair Milk Lite, Please

  • Keya

    I’m wear my hair natural. Hair Milk really didn’t do too much at all for me. I didn’t like the smell, well I used it when I was pregnant so that may have been a factor too since a lot of smells were weird to me then. It added a little bit of sheen to my hair, and made it a little soft, but that was it.
    This bottle costs $18 and I’m suppose to use a nickle size amount to my hair and spread it all over. That just won’t work, my hair is very thick. Let’s just say I’m not too pleased with that hair milk. I expected more. My son is biracial, his hair is wavy to curly. I haven’t used any products in his hair. I just wash it 3 times a week and use pantene conditioner for curls. He doesn’t get much frizzies.

  • Luna

    One, i love that pic of you and your girls!

    I have never actually tried any of the Carol’s Daughter products because I am extremely scent sensitive and when I smell things in the store, I have found them rather off putting. I am glad you commented on what you did and didn’t like, it makes it easier to have a jumping off point. Thanks!

  • Mrs. K

    I’m kind of a hair fanatic too but I’ve calmed down some. LOL. Actually Keya (above) and a few other bloggers introduced me to Tightly Curly and I’ve been using her method and it’s been working for me so far. My hair is still a little dry so I may need the not-so-lite version of Hair Milk but at $18 a pop I don’t think I can do it. Like Keya I have extremely thick hair that requires way more than a nickel size. I may try it to splurge one time but definitely can’t afford to make it a routine 🙂

  • Honeysmoke

    @Keya and @Mrs. K — Oh, I don’t ever read those instructions. Yes, we have been flying through it. That’s why I’ve joked with my husband about getting a second job.


    I love it when I find a product that works for all three of us too!

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