Alas, I didn’t make Halloween costumes for the girls. I was disappointed in my sewing ability and didn’t want to send them out in any old thing. I ran to the local discount store at the last minute and bought a generic fairy costume for Nadia. I paired it with matching tights and hair glitter.

As for Simone, she decided to be Princess Tiana. A few months ago, Nadia received a Princess Tiana outfit for her birthday. The costume is too big, and she didn’t mind her sister taking it for a twirl. Tights and hair glitter provided the perfect finishing touches.

They were gorgeous, and I was happy. I still plan to make the no-sew tutus because you can’t have too many of those. One holiday down, two more to go.

2 thoughts to “Happy Halloween

  • Blanc2

    We are at that age where neither of our kids wanted to trick or treat. Our youngest wore her costume to school and to a Halloween party, but stayed in and gave out candy to the little kids. Our oldest went to a Halloween party with his friends.

  • Quiskaeya

    I would be lying if I said I knew what my 9yo was for Halloween. He was one of the characters in Star Wars…or maybe he was a Ninja. LOL My 2yo didn’t want to have anything to do with costumes AGAIN this year. So with one kid dressed in costume and the other tagging along for show, the kids thoroughly enjoyed the trunk or treat event put on by our complex.

    One of these days I’m going to make costumes too…one day 😉

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