Toy manufacturers say taller dolls may entice children to play with dolls much more as they grow older. Doll play has been skewing younger and younger, with many girls leaving them in the toy box to play with electronic games. Larger dolls may encourage girls to play with dolls well into elementary school. Check out this Wall Street Journal article to learn more about this trend.

I was struck by the mention at the end of the article of Karito Kids Giving Girls, a new 21-inch doll line from KidsGive. The line features six dolls from around the world. Each doll comes with a code, allowing children to give three percent of the cost of the doll to one of four charities.

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    Those are pretty cool dolls! Thanks for posting this.

  • Mary

    I think its strange that they’re calling this a “trend”– Terri Lee dolls (among others) have been produced — and popular among young girls– since 1946 and they are 16″ in height.

    I think they have always been popular and WSJ needs to get a little more creative.

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