Something always goes wrong at our family portrait photo session.

One year I thought it would be nice to have our dogs, Big Al and Ringo, join us. It was a bad idea. Simone refused to smile, the dogs marked the studio, and Ken had to chase down Ringo, who got loose and took a tour of the mall food court.

The photographer got only one shot of all of us looking at the camera. One beautiful shot.

Last year, we were on vacation in Florida. I got the girls all dressed when I realized we were running late. I ditched hair and make-up for me to help make up time. That only solved one problem. There was nothing I could do about the weather. A hurricane was in the Gulf of Mexico, and it was way too windy and cold for the beach clothes I had packed for all of us. We nearly froze.

Our photographer told the girls to run up and down the beach to scare off the chill and that idea produced some of the cutest photos.

This year I planned to break the family portrait curse. We would be on time, the weather would be great, everyone would smile and there would be no dogs.

At 2 p.m., we were all in the car. We weren’t out of the subdivision when I told Ken we needed to turn around and get a check. Then we were off again. Ken drove as I put on makeup. A quick drive down the Interstate and we would be one step closer to a beautiful Christmas card. We cruised along until we saw brake lights. Cars and 18-wheelers stretched for miles and miles. I called the photographer and said we would be a little late.

Nadia gifted us with a monologue. She fashioned a microphone out of a kids’ menu and started talking and singing about anything that came to mind. Simone announced she needed to go but could hold it.

Was it happening again? We were trapped in the car between exits with monologue Nadia and I need to go Simone. An hour later, traffic started to move. We stopped at the first exit for a pit stop before continuing our trek. We were 45 minutes late, and our session was a bit rushed.

Our photographer is excellent with children and families. No one will be able to tell it took us an hour and 45 minutes to arrive or that the girls were hungry or that it was a little warmer than I had planned.

As for breaking that curse? Maybe next year.

2 thoughts to “Family Portrait

  • Mrs. K

    Adorable photos.You have such a beautiful family!

  • Blanc2

    We have tons of similar experiences. The annual holiday photo can be such an ordeal. Now I understand why many families nowadays take individual pictures and photo shop them into a “family portrait.”

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