NBC is teasing a ring scene between Crosby and Jasmine. I have missed the last two episodes and was about to forget about the show when I saw the promo for tonight’s episode.

It looks like Crosby is dressed as Evel Knievel when he slips a green spider ring on Jasmine’s finger, who appeared to be Pocahontas. Say it ain’t so. These two are going to get engaged on Halloween with a spider ring? That’s not romantic. Also, it can’t be that easy. There must be some drama surrounding such a life-changing move. I think there can be more tension and comedy around their interracial relationship if Crosby and Jasmine stay single. But that’s just me, and NBC refuses to sign me on as a writer.

Needless to say the teaser has worked its magic. I’ll definitely be watching tonight.

ETA: I was wrong. The proposal was romantic. At first, it appeared we would have to wait until next week to hear Jasmine’s answer, but then the promo for next week shows Crosby and Jasmine telling Jabar they are getting married. Jabar is unimpressed. So am I. How are you going to have a cliff hanger and then give it away five seconds later in the promo? Not cool, NBC. Not cool.

2 thoughts to “Parenthood

  • Mrs. K

    I hardly watch TV so I’ve never seen the show but your reviews are making me more interested. I may try to watch it some time.

  • ET

    The only episode I’ve seen of Parenthood is this Halloween episode. Not sure if I’m sold on the show, but that little kid who plays Jabar is so freaking cute! It’s cool to see an interracial family on network — especially one that has normal family problems and isn’t scripted as A) kooky comic relief (“They’re sooo different!”) or B) an after school special.

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