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Your child’s curls are stunning and unique. When you take the time necessary to care for her natural curls, it lets her know that she is worth the effort, and that you love and accept her as she is. Hair should never be treated as a punishment or as a handicap or a nuisance. Many well meaning people might tell you that the only way to care for such curly hair is to alter it in some way, like through relaxing, flat ironing, or pressing it. This is absolutely not true, and these methods may even burn your child.  However, once you learn what curls need, they are easy to care for, and will reward you with joyful spirals that get lots of compliments.

Teri LaFlesh is the author of Curly Like Me: How to Grow Your Hair Healthy, Long, and Strong.

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  • Mrs. K

    Yay! I was just introduced to her site by another blogger and I’ve just started using her method and I love it.

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