Where did we go? A horrible place with the nastiest, ugliest, meanest virus. Is it me, or have germs gotten more potent? Seriously, I have an idea for a new television show. It’s called GSI, or Germ Scene Investigation, because we all deserve to know where these germs come from. Now back to your regularly scheduled Honeysmoke programming.

One thought to “… And We’re Back”

  • Blanc2

    Here has been our experience. When they’re young, kids get very sick with the influenza type viruses. Once we had to take our son to the ER because he was so dehydrated. But keep feeding them fruits and veggies and stay off the cow’s milk and junk food. Their immune systems become very strong within just a few years. Soon, the flu becomes a matter of a couple of days. For our son, in high school, he has not missed a day of school for the past three years.

    In the meantime, mom & dad are worn out and broke down from the burdens of parenthood. Our immune systems are weakend by fatigue. The kids bring home these bugs that, for them, are minor illnesses, but they lay us out on our back for a week.

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