I knew Simone’s kindergarten would be different from mine. I went for a half day, and there was plenty of time for recess, show and tell and games. Simone goes all day and has reading, P.E. math, science, social studies and, eventually, standardized tests. Whew! When did kindergarten become third grade? Based on early results, I predict Simone will be fine. My prognosis remains uncertain.

I ask a lot of questions these days. Here are 10 answers.

1. Do you like school? Yes.

2. What’s the best part of school? Lunch. I ate sweet peas, squash and ketchup with bread.

3. What’s four plus four? Eight.

4. Do you like the bus? No. I don’t like waiting for the bus.

5. Why are you crying? I’m a little nervous.

6. What’s the difference between perschool and the Big Kid School? No hugs at the Big Kid School.

7. Did you enjoy P.E.? Yes. They have a penalty box for kids who don’t follow directions.

8. What’s the neatest thing about school? The Promethian Board.

9. What happened at school today? A girl in my class got sick.

10. Why are you crying? I’m tired.