I’m in big trouble.

Simone and Nadia, 5 and 3, each have a hand-held gaming device and together they have a gaming system. Why is that a big deal? A Parenting Magazine and BlogHer survey shows mothers wouldn’t let their children have such devices until they are 7. Doh! I blame it all on Leapfrog. Simone and Nadia love their Leapsters and Tag pens, and the Vtech was a Christmas gift. Perhaps I can redeem myself in future years. If I can hold out, the girls will never have a television in their bedroom.

The survey polled 1,032 mothers and found:

•Moms use technology themselves, to talk about their lives

•Technology keeps families connected 24/7

•Technology bridges generational gaps

•Technology provides insight into kids’ thoughts and activities

•Moms are not shy about setting limits or keeping watch

•Moms worry, but they’re not afraid

[color_box title=”When mothers say it’s okay for children to have devices”]

Hand-held Gaming Device – 7

Video Gaming System – 7

iPod – 7

TV in Bedroom – 9

Own Email Account – 10

Cell Phone – 11

Desktop – 13

Laptop – 14

Smart Phone – 14

Social Networks – 15


So, what do you say? When did you/would you allow your children to have technology?

2 thoughts to “Wired Moms

  • Melissa

    My grandkids have handheld Nintendo games and a gaming system that they can play on their t.v. (don’t ask me what kind—I’m from the “Beany and Cecil” era, so I’m doing pretty good just having a blog!) The parents’ rule is that the kids can only play with them on Saturdays, otherwise I know my grandson (age 9) would be on the Spiderman game continuously if it were up to him. They don’t have cable t.v. but they do get movies from Netflix and have an extensive library of DVDs from Disney, etc. I think technology, like candy and ice cream, is fine in moderation.

    • Honeysmoke

      I agree. As long as they aren’t playing these games 24 hours a day, I think they will be fine. It’s just it’s always interesting to see what other people think, I mean say in surveys.

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