Everyone knows the best way to raise children.

There are those who say children should roam freely, while others prefer to hover. Those who aren’t sure have several places to turn for advice. There are tons of parenting books on the market. Daytime talk shows feature experts. A half dozen magazines are devoted to the subject. Reality parenting shows clog the airwaves.

The answer for me, and I suspect for most families, falls somewhere outside of the noise. I try to keep my eye on the end result: raising children who become healthy and productive adults. I can only hope that does not include a $3 million wedding in rural New York, complete with a security detail.

So far, I’ve managed to ignore most of the parenting advice. My mother would find it funny that folks who don’t know you or your children would offer their opinion. My father, who I didn’t think was paying attention when I was a kid, has provided a wealth of information about raising children. Besides, parenting is fluid. What works one day may not work the next, and you have to adjust accordingly. In other words, I like finding my way, making it up as I go.

So, what do you say? How are you approaching this thing called parenting?

One thought to “Making It Up As I Go …”

  • Ernessa from 32 Candles

    Thank you for this. I also wonder how others can speak with such authority. I think it’s up to every parent to cobble together a guidebook for their own children.

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