I had been waiting for the letter. I had called to see when it might arrive. I considered picking it up. Why was it so important? Its contents would tell us who would be Simone’s kindergarten teacher.

See, I had noticed at the kindergarten breakfast that there was one kindergarten teacher of color. I daydreamed about how nice it would be for Simone’s first public school teacher to be a teacher of color. The student body is composed of children of parents from diverse backgrounds. Still, I would like to expose Simone and Nadia to a diverse set of role models, including those who look like their mother and their father.

So, the letter. It arrived, and da hubs and I knew exactly what was inside. He opened the letter after a pretend drumroll. He started at the beginning. I got impatient, read over his shoulder and scanned the letter for the teacher’s name. Bingo! Simone WILL have a teacher of color in kindergarten. What a wonderful way to begin her public school education.

4 thoughts to “The Letter

  • Bry

    My kindergarten teacher was a black woman and my mother was ecstatic!!
    I loved Mrs. Way and she became a family friend!!

  • Blanc2

    Nice story. But I’m sure that Simone would thrive no matter what teacher she has. I remember the days of the early grades, when we invested so much emotional energy into the “what teacher will he/she get” question. Now, my son is entering high school and will have a different teacher for each subject.

    • Honeysmoke

      You’re right. In the end, it probably won’t matter. It’s part of the parenting process. I will be where you are sooner than I would like. Here’s to a wonderful fall semester for all children.

  • Angelicque

    My daughter is starting school in Sep, and her first teacher will be a Black woman. I am so pleased , I cannot even articulate why.

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